Required Information to Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Click here for a step-by-step checklist if you would rather set up the LLC yourself.

    Business Name

    Business Address

    Business Mailing Address

    Business Telephone Number

    Business Description



    Independent Contractors?

    Sales Tax?

    We will need the following individual information from each member/ partner/ owner of the business


    We will email you an invoice for $450 plus all state fees to the address above. Formations are usually handled within 24-hours unless we discuss it with you.

    CA - $105
    CT - $120
    DE - $120
    FL - $100
    MA - $500
    NJ - $125
    NY - $200

    Additional fees may apply, depending on your situation. For example, CT charges an additional $100 if we need to register for sales tax.

    Once we receive everything listed above from you, we will:

    • Submit the appropriate paperwork to the state to form the LLC,

    • Register with your state tax department (this is in addition to the formation of the LLC),

    • We will handle the publication of your NY LLC. This will be billed separately, and only at our

    • Apply for a federal tax identification number (“EIN”),

    • Register for sales and/or payroll taxes, as necessary,

    • Submit the proper election to declare the LLC’s tax status to the IRS,

    • Send you a complete, bound package with copies of all paperwork for your permanent records,

    • Included will be a SAMPLE Operating Agreement you can use as a guide in drafting your own,

    • Include a resale certificate, if applicable.

    • Include a W-9 to send to vendors.