Required Information to Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

* If you would rather do this yourself: click here for our step-by-step checklist

    Business Name

    Business Address

    Business Mailing Address

    Business Telephone Number

    Business Description



    Independent Contractors?

    Sales Tax?

    We will need the following individual information from each member/ partner/ owner of the business


    We will email you an invoice for $450 plus all state fees to the address above. Formations are usually handled within 24-hours unless we discuss it with you.

    CA - $70
    CT - $120
    DE - $120
    FL - $100
    MA - $500
    NJ - $125
    NY - $200

    Additional fees may apply, depending on your situation. For example, CT charges an additional $100 if we need to register for sales tax.

    Once we receive everything listed above from you, we will:

    • Submit the appropriate paperwork to the state to form the LLC,
    • Register with your state tax department (this is in addition to the formation of the LLC),
    • We will handle the publication of your NY LLC. This will be billed separately, and only at our
    • Apply for a federal tax identification number (“EIN”),
    • Register for sales and/or payroll taxes, as necessary,
    • Submit the proper election to declare the LLC’s tax status to the IRS,
    • Send you a complete, bound package with copies of all paperwork for your permanent records,
    • Included will be a SAMPLE Operating Agreement you can use as a guide in drafting your own,
    • Include a resale certificate, if applicable.
    • Include a W-9 to send to vendors.