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We’re not your average bean counters. We’re a creative bunch who do things differently.

Kevin is the author of the Negatism, the first “how not to” book for small businesses. He created CPApp – the first comprehensive online platform used by other accounting firms to run their practice. He also founded National Bean Counter’s Day to celebrate your favorite accountant.

Meet The Team

Kevin Wenig

Kevin Wenig CPA


Kevin has been in public accounting since 1992, working mainly with small businesses and high net-worth individuals. From his start in a 3-person firm to Tax Manager of a 600+-person company in New York City, he lived and breathed accounting even before it was cool. Kevin has won a number of awards (who knew there were awards for accounting!), has been published multiple times in various industry publications and hosts webinars attended by CPAs for Intuit.  Kevin has worked predominantly with creative clients since he was a pup.

The affinity with creatives is natural: Kevin is also a tech junkie and software designer with a number of firsts under his belt—like the first accounting iPhone app, TaxVault, and the first “how not to” blog-turned-book, Negatism. When he’s not working, he spends his time reading and looking for his golf ball. He lives in Easton CT with his first wife and two children.

Russell Smith

Russell Smith


Since joining us, Russell has worked exclusively with our major business clients, now acting as Controller for the largest. He also oversees many of our small business clients, and guides our talented staff using “real world” experience: having been a commercial photographer in a previous life, Russell understands the concerns of creatives and can talk their language.

In the midst of any chaos, Russell manages to keep calm. He’s extremely detail-oriented, has a couple of education degrees, is the in-house IT guy who we trust more than our IT guy, and also is a certified Intuit ProAdvisor. He went Apple before it was cool and stays a Mets fan even when it’s not.


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Any Questions?

If you don’t quite trust the numbers supplied by your bookkeeper, if you have no time to keep doing it yourself, if reconciling pass-through costs with a client is a daunting task, then yes, we can help. We provide what you need and provide the scalability to grow as you do.

No, it’s likely less than you think. We typically come in less than what you’re currently paying a bookkeeper and provide a much more robust skill set spread among multiple people who will be handling your account.

Then let’s prove it with our one-of-a-kind Finance Report Card specifically designed for creative agencies. Let us review the many tasks and procedures they do for you and we’ll tell you what needs improving and we’ll validate what does not.

Yes, we know. We keep you updated and communicate with you as much – or as little – as you like. It’s your money, you should have the information to make effective, timely and informed decisions on your schedule, not just on Tuesdays, when your bookkeeper comes in.
This is an online tool we created just for our clients to help us work seamlessly together. It tracks bills, invoices, A/P approvals, financial snapshots and even a laundry list so you know what we’re doing for you. No one else has anything like it anywhere. Learn more about FOPRequest.

Finance Office Partners is virtually down the hall and we serve clients around the world, across the nation and even across the street.

We can do that too. Kevin Wenig, CPA services might be just what you need.

We’re so glad you asked. Negatism is a “what not to do” small business book. Real life examples submitted from entrepreneurs across many industries of lessons learned the hard way and great ideas that turned out to be, well… not so great.

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